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A Statement about Boge Cartomizers

Release time:2017-09-01 | Source: Sina.com

Dear Boge clients and users,

First of all thank you very much for your persistent help and support to Boge! We’ve noted that recently there are some negative comments on the quality of our Boge cartomizers. Most of the complaints focus on blank cartos. After detailed investigation, we’d like to clarify the following points:

1) Boge cartomizers for e cigarette, filled with Dekang e-liquid, are regarded as the best cartomizers in the market, owing to their perfect performance and consistency in quality.

2) Except for some small adjustments to our packaging, Boge has never changed any material of our cartomizers. 

3) The way of filling e-liquid into the cartos is crucial for their performance. Please make sure that the heating coil is fully infiltrated before enjoying the cartomizers. 

4) Our cartomizers are designed to be used with 3.7v (output voltage 3.3v) batteries only. It’s not recommended to use them together with other devices. 

5) There are lots of fake Boge electronic cigarette manufacturer products in the market. The only way to buy authentic Boge products is to buy from Boge. We are fighting against fake products to maintain the reputation of our company. 

6) Boge is committed to optimizing our products and providing all Boge fans with perfect cartomizers. 

We thank you again for your kind concerns! We are open to any opinions you have about our products. If you have any questions, please feel free to send e-mail to jeffreyzhang@bogecig.com or visit our websites at www.bogecig.com and bogetech.en.alibaba.com. 

With our best regards. 

Shenzhen Boge Technology Co. , Ltd.