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NATO Show Product Trends

Release time:2017-09-06 | Source:

LAS VEGAS – It has been said that in the constantly evolving world of e-vapor, a product’s lifecycle is already running out by time it hits shelves. This is why trade shows like NATO are key events for retailers, providing a sneak peek at the trends to come.


Last year provided further confirmation that cigalikes were on the out and we were entering the age of vape. Pens and e-liquids were seemingly everywhere, with some vendors seeking to narrow the performance gap between tanks and cigalikes through bridge-type offerings such as Lorillard’s blu PLUS or the Logic PRO. 


It also hinted at the potential of heat-not-burn, with PAX and The Happy Cig showcasing loose-tobacco vaporizers. By the end of 2014, Reynolds announced plans to test its own heat-not-burn offering (Revo) and Philip Morris International had launched a heat-not-burn product (iQos) in Europe and Japan, with other heat-not-burn options in the pipeline. 


So what sneak peeks did this year’s NATO Show provide for the future of not just e-vapor, but the tobacco industry as a whole? Here are three distinct trends CSP observed