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What Is Boge Vivi Nova CE6 Clearomizer?

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Essentially, the ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer is a tank system that has interchangeable atomizer heads. It is available as a whole kit which includes 3 atomizer heads, all of which have 3 long wicks attached to them. Each interchangeable atomizer comes in a different Ohm setting of Available Resistance: Low Resistance: 2.0-2.4ohm; Middle Resistance: 2.4-2.6ohm; High Resistance: 2.9-3.3ohm; the setting is engraved down the side of each atomizer so it is clear to you which one you are using. The Boge Cartomizers ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer can be broken down into many separate parts. The main part of the device is the plastic tube which has two metal screws at the top and bottom which can hold up to 2.8ml of dekang e-liquid. 

What is The Boge ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer Different From Other Electronic Cigarette Devices?

The ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer from Shenzhen Boge electronic cigarette manufacturer is a tank system and is certainly one of the most innovative electronic cigarette devices to date, and some have even gone as far to say that it is revolutionary. The Boge Cartomizers ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer takes on a whole new approach to the tank system so that it is, at the moment, a truly unique product. The Boge Cartomizers ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer can hold 2.8 ml of dekang e liquid and is extremely easy to re-fill – already making it better than some cartomizer devices that require no end of fiddling ad messing about with. To refill the Boge Cartomizers ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer no syringes are needed as the liquid can be put straight in to the tank (the plastic tube) straight from the bottle. The atomizer heads are replaceable and are cheaper to replace than cartomizers making it win-win all round.

How To Re-fill The ViVi Nova CE6 clearomnizer with dekang e liquid?

It is extremely simple to re-fill the Boge Cartomizers ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer – no fuss, no mess, no problems! Just pour the dekang e-liquid in straight from the bottle into the plastic tube by unscrewing one of the metal screws from the end of the tank. Screw it back on, ensure the drip tip is in place! It’s as easy as that!

How To Clean The Boge ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer:

Boge Cartomizers electronic cigarette manufacturer will share to you the way to clean the vivi nova CE6 clearomizer Just like filling the tank up with juice, cleaning clearomizer is also just as easy! Due to the easy access into the plastic tube which makes up the main component of the tank, there is nothing too complicated. The Boge ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer can be washed with water to remove any left over dekang electronic liquid before you want to start using a different flavour dekang e-liquid with it. Once you feel that The Boge Cartomizers ViVi Nova CE6 clearomizer is not working as well as it once did or you notice that the flavour has started to fade – simply replace the atomizer head. Once again, unscrew the plastic tube, unscrew the atomizer before popping on a fresh atomizer and screwing this one securely into place- it couldn’t be simpler!