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How to Use Boge eGo CE5 Clearomizer E-cigarette?

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Boge eGo CE5 clearomizer is exchangeable & detachable clear cartomizer (clearomizer) e-cig, the more reliability and convenience, is new generation of eGo CE4 made as a new design exchangeable clear cartomizer as anyone can easy to check the cartomizer directly, can re-change and wash the coil/wick inside, and if the CE5 cartomizer needs to be cleaned or mechanical problems occur as the cartomizer have been separate as people can diagnosis by himself. So people can only change the question eGo CE5 cartomizer coil head and keep the CE5 cartomizer clean which likes the new one. CE5 cartomizer is the latest Clearomizer designed to work with eGo Series batteries:


1) Easy to fill the e-liquid. Just take off the CE5 cartomizer inhaler tip, fill the e-liquid, and then screw back the inhaler tip onto the eGo CE5 cartomizer. 

2) Huge capacity, eGo ce5 cartomizer can hold about 1.6ml of E-liquid. 

3) Fits nicely on an eGo giving a clean finished look. 

4) With scale on the eGo CE5 transparent clearomizer, you can see how much nicotine you inhaled.

5) Longer wicks for more consistent flow of e-liquid to the coil in any position.

6) The accessories are separable, this makes it easy to replace, more convenient and economical E-cigarette by using eGo CE5 cartomizer changeable coil head and clear tube. 

7) No burning, no leaking. Very large vapor. 

8) Large capacity batteries, the average to heavy user can get 6 to 8 hours of use from a fully eGo charged battery (MEGA battery is 1100mAh, enables over 14 hours).

An eGo-CE5 starter kit includes: 

3 eGo CE5 cartomizer coil heads

1 eGo batteries

1 eGo USB charger

How to use eGo CE5 cartomizer exchangeable & detachable vision clear cartomizer(clearomizer) e-cigarette. 

a. How to change the coil head on eGo CE5 cartomizer(Clearomizer):

Step 1: Unscrew the eGo CE5 cartomizer tube from eGo CE5 cartomizer base. 

Step 2: Unscrew the eGo CE5 cartomizer coil head from the top of the base assembly. 

Step 3: Screw the new eGo CE5 cartomizer coil head into the CE5 cartomizer base again;

Step 4: Screw the CE5 cartomizer tube back into the eGo CE5 cartomizer base.

b. How to fill e-liquid to the eGo CE5 cartomizer(clearomizer):

Step 1: Take out the e-liquid bottle lid;

Step 2: Cut off the top of bottle;

Step 3: Unscrew the CE5 cartomizer tip from the CE5 cartomizer tube. 

Step 4: Fill the e-liquid to the CE5 cartomizer. 

Using an eliquid bottle or syringe, fill the CE5 cartomizer by inserting e-liquid down the side wall (Do not fill e-liquid in the center hole, that is for air flow). 

Step 5: Screw the eGo CE5 cartomizer tip back into the CE5 cartomizer tube(do not screw too tightly).

c. How to enjoy your eGo CE5 e-cigarette:

Screw filled CE5 clear cartomizer with the eGo battery, then will be stand-by state. 

The eGo-CE5 works only when you press the eGo battery LED button. Press the LED button and inhale at the same time.

d. How to charge the eGo CE5 battery:

You just screw the eGo battery with the USB charger, then plug it into the PC or AC-USB Adapter. 1. the first charge should be kept for 8 hours, even if the LED light turns green. 

2. Use for 20 minutes. 

3. Charge the battery for another 1 hour. Your eGo battery is ready for normal using now. The normal charging time should be kept for 3 hours( even if the LED light turns green).